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Although Palecek said that there are ways through which furniture manufacturers can balance sustainability and profit, he said that there is still room for improvement.  He said that it is possible especially with consumers also becoming aware of the threat of climate change.  Heading this initiative is furniture importer Palecek. "There is an unbelievable amount of energy wasted for packaging  its billions of dollars," said Palecek. And as part of the company's dedication towards a sustainable future, they started offering products made from  sustainable materials such as sea grass, wicker, rattan, and abaca.   This shows that the industry is working hard to make the world a better place for future generations.  The company pointed out that retailers can support the sustainable furniture movement without sacrificing profits. It makes all the sense in the world," he added.  He pointed Bird Sculptures Manufacturers out that in packaging of items, plastics are still being used.  "Recycling and using sustainable products go hand in hand.  Foams are also potentially dangerous to the environment and are also used in packaging furniture and other related goods such as crane mirrors.  With the diversity in materials used for their products, the company was able to stay true to their commitment of protecting the environment.For years, the threat of global warming has been predicted by scientist to become increase. Palecek also went on to say that this awareness is more apparent on younger generation of buyers.  Allan Palecek expressed his message to retailers at the Sustainable Furniture Council meeting in Atlanta recently.

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