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Lastly, if you think the products you order does not satisfy the company then look for other suppliers that can give you better products and at the same time better savings. For example, if the company has more than 100 employees, the management of the company can negotiate with suppliers to provide them special rates so that they can stock as many items as possible. .Employees sometimes overlook the significance of office supplies in their office that is why oftentimes they overuse it. The thinking that pens, paper clips, staples and papers may not cost a lot if bought individually has brought many companies to spend a lot from their savings on items people think are not costly. 4. 5.Always give the employees items from the previous stocks especially for items that have shorter storage life such as ink and batteries.If you will be assigned to manage the stocks then better meticulously monitor usage in very conscious manner. The result, more expenses by the companies from just small office items. Employees should realize that every item being purchased comes from the income of the company and no supplier will give such big volume for free. So the advice here is, if the company is stable, it better make larger stocks for items that have long shelf life like paper, pens, stationeries, staples and staplers, and so on. Staying too long on the stockroom can dry ink while batteries can leak especially if the room is not properly ventilated.Post a memo about recycling and encourage employees to keep their used printer cartridges and fax cartridges on a station box or bins that would be stationed in one place. Also, to put on more savings, the companies must also practice saving tips to eliminate unnecessary wastage of items. In both ways, the suppliers and the management are earning profits from this scheme because the suppliers also can have discounts from the manufacturers if the consumers are demanding large orders. If the company has been able to save a years stock of office supplies, at the end of the year they would see that they have been able to save about 10 to 15 percent of their savings from buying retailed supplies and around 5 to 10 percent if they buy in sporadic wholesale purchase like every three months or so. Most large companies usually have dealers for their office needs and they do not have to Patio Furniture Accessories Suppliers buy supplies in retail but order them wholesale so that they can have large discounts from their orders. If you see that stationeries are wasted or thrown away after only few uses then let employees sign their name for every item they get from you to build their consciousness about the things they waste. 2.Always put on your list what supplies must be in your priority list and do not stock goods that employees do not want to use or impractical to use. The more the office supplies are delivered, the bigger the discounts. Actually, cheap items like these always occupy the companies price list because these are commonly used in large quantities so they are repeatedly purchased.  

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