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You cook dinner in the evening and have the convenience of great storage solutions and up to date cooking appliances. So the questions to ask yourself are:  How much hanging space do I need? Long hanging for dresses, suits, coats etc and short hanging for trousers, skirts, shirts, tops etc.S. Make use of all the fittings available like shoe racks, pull down hanging rails and pull out drawers and baskets.  What about shoe storage? How many pairs of shoes do I have? (if you are anything like my other half you will need to build an extension to house your shoes)  What internal fittings would be handy? Shoe racks? Pull out shelves or baskets? Pull down hanging rails? Pull out trouser rails? Belt &amp  tie rails?  How much space do I have in my bedroom? Would sliding robes impair less Outdoor Dining Chair Manufacturers on my floor space? So when planning your wardrobes make sure you put your thoughts into planning the internal space... .What we want for you to have the kitchen and bedroom of your dreams. And of course your designer will help make sure that aesthetically the design is spot on. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and having it exactly as you want can add to your quality of life.. Having well planned out wardrobes and storage will make for a tidy and clutter free room and set you on the right path to a good nights sleep. Why not include some storage solutions such as pull down rails, trousers rails or tie rails. You never know, they may even want to help with the cooking and cleaning up!! As for your bedroom, it is equally important to be able to go to bed at night in a relaxing environment. It all leads to a more serene and calming kitchen that the whole family will want to gather in. Choosing relaxing and/or warm colours for paints and wallpapers, comfy carpets or fabulous timber floors and the perfect freestanding furniture and accessories and you ll create a tranquil room to relax and de stress in. Use a kitchen directory to find the best suppliers in your. Take in to consideration that you may need long hanging space for coats, dresses and suits. Pull out drawers are also handy for smaller items, while having space for shoes means that you wont be leaving them lying around the bedroom floor. On top of this, its a real bonus to be able to slide open the doors, stand back and admire your wonderful collection. Think about it.. Shelving space is obviously a must and having some of these in the form of pull out shelves or baskets can be really handy. Sounds good doesn t it!! P. That way you have no excuses when it comes to putting your clothes away as everything is convenient to you. If space in tight it may be worth considering sliding robes so that doors arent opening into the bedroom. Your new bedroom Adequate storage is the most important aspect in designing fitted bedroom furniture. If you have the kitchen of your dreams you can relax and feel comfortable before tackling the day get up in the morning and go to the kitchen to make breakfast.


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