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He then came up with other elegant designs such as El Rey, Rex and Embassy that were kept at the Embassy of Sweden because of their magnificent qualities. It was in the form of a cylindrical club that was made of steel and developed exclusively for comfort and prestige. It was at this time that Mats popularity began. Mats Theselius was a Swedish designer born in 1956 in Stockholm. He completed his training in 1984, and became a lecturer at the University of Gothenburg in the School of Crafts and Design. Mats also developed a magnificent bookshelf that has been widely celebrated till today. All the designs that were created by Mats had an exceptional quest to embrace modernity and recent lifestyles. He had a goal of creating designs that were western in themselves.Meaning and functionality describe Mats furniture designs. This to the Swedish marked the commencement of superb designs in China Outdoor Patio Furniture Manufacturer  their countrys history. Established companies were informed of his cooperation between Sweden and America and forged a relationship with him. His Viskarm furniture is currently used throughout the globe. His furniture has been extensively acclaimed throughout Sweden since the 1990s. Mats Theselius works had abstract creations that transformed simple artefacts into wonderful and endowed pieces of art. In 1985, Mats came up with his first creation known as the Algskinnsfatoljen, which later became a hit design in Sweden and even all over the world. He studied industrial and architectural designs at the Industriel School. He later designed boots, having been aided by a Texan who was skilled in the craft. This study also enabled him to realize the relationship between designs and the natural environment. All these make Mats a formidable architect of contemporary furniture designs. This creation was developed in 1988 and had the enormous capacity to hold about twenty five pieces of magazines. The belief behind these designs is that any form of beauty brings everlasting beauty. . The uniqueness within Viskarm lies in its beautiful, attractive and glossy surface that mystifies reality that is never found in physical objects. Beauty, as Mats says, is anything possible to man and has the capacity to entice the human eye. He then continued and developed an armchair that was unique in its characteristics and was supposed to be a production of the craftsmen in Texas. This furniture design was simple and beautiful. His furniture designs were ramified into two; utility, and non utility furniture. Mats Theselius also developed contemporary furniture such as Kudarat, Vikskarm and Kallemo in I989. Coincidentally, this happened at a period when the president visited Gothenburg and welcomed visitors who were living in the west. His schooling had deep roots in designs and architecture from an early age. Most of Mats works comes with some feeling of present existence and a real touch of life. Theselius furniture designs have been more than elegant. In the fall of 2000, Mats traveled the southern parts of the United States in order to study the divergent art of America.

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